Vermont’s Glen Lake

Glen Lake is located in between Fair Haven VT and Castleton, VT just a 1/4 mile away from the entrance to Lake Bomoseen State Park. This lake is shaped like a skinny topped anvil. The lake has large motor restriction so it’s a nice calm place to go paddling.

There is a put in that allows you to drop off your boat and then go park, or the short distance from parking to launch might be overcome by many except those with heavier boats that paddle alone.


43°39’35.21″N ,  73°13’56.54″W

Should get you to the put in. There is plenty of fish and bird life to sight see and the area is close to other paddle locations.





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Vinabond is gone!

While a very useful product, it was discontinued because they just didn’t sell enough of it. I suppose that means it worked too well.  Looking fro a new adhesive to adhere d rings to Royalex.


I’ll post here when I have info.



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Smart Phones and paddling

With the smart phones burning a hole, sometimes literally, in peoples pockets now I suppose I should address their uses to plan and conduct cool paddle adventures. They can be used as cameras, video devices, compasses, first alert weather, devices, etc. Remember however, they do need protection from the element we are out to enjoy; water.


List of apps and ideas soon.



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Moving is a process

I made a major move after nearly 18 years in Dallas, TX I relocated to a rural setting in West Central Vermont. The paddling opportunities are much different than TX. The season is different and the summer day are much longer. This will open up a whole new set of paddling new and information.


Let’s enjoy this together,



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Guest Blog Post


Here is a blog post that I wrote for the Conservation Law Foundation on the issue of water.



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Paddling the Trinity River in Dallas TX

Texas Parks and Wildlife show with the Trinity River in Dallas


This shows us paddling the Trinity river from the Hunt Bridge with bits and pieces down toward Loop 12.




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Where have I been?

The canoe adventures blog page has been sadly neglected over the last year or so. I have moved the base of my operation from Dallas, TX to the rural setting of Castleton, VT. Started a home remodel project  and have been spending time getting ready for a winter in a house that was lacking any heat source when I moved in.


New reviews will follow on a variety of goods.



Canoe Adventures

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Whata trash or is that lazy customers… Whataburger needs to listen up!!!!

The family owned fast food and fast trash delivery system know as Whataburger has refused to return phone calls to find out what the problem is with their waste bins, customer service, or anything to do with how so much of their food service trash ends up in our rivers and lakes. It is time to put and end to their trash in our landscape.




Please help them understand this is just wrong !!!

  1. Home Office

    300 Concord Plaza Dr.
    San Antonio, TX 78216
    Phone: 210-476-6000

    Mailing Address

    PO Box 791990
    San Antonio, TX 78279

  2. Field Offices
    San Antonio

    1077 Central Pkwy South
    Suite 900
    San Antonio, TX 78232
    Phone: 210-496-4000
    Fax: 210-496-4001


    4040 West Royal Lane
    Suite 126
    Irving, TX 75063
    Phone: 972-756-0096
    Fax: 972-756-2960

or trash their twitter at

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Launch Point–getting your boat on the water

I just received my order of paddles from Bending Branches. I upgraded a few of my paddle needs to accommodate the variety of boats I now have. One of the paddles is a limited edition double bent shaft paddle. It is a beautiful wooden paddle.  I was one their site and notice a new look and new link I would like to recommend to you.  Having the gear is one thing, but getting on the water is another.


Have fun. 

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Stop the trash before…

Do you ever see the dump trucks come along to collect trash in commercial dumpsters? The forks reach out and lift it high into the air above the truck and transfer the trash inside to the cargo hold? Well do you also see stuff flying out of the dumpster and not land inside? I do so here is what I recommend that you do. Get the phone number on the dumpster and call the company that services that dumpster. Let them know that you have seen this happen. Put both them and the location on notice that they need to do a better job containing the trash.


It will help keep the landscape cleaner, the waterways less impacted by floatables.

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