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"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."
    - Haida Indian Saying



There are times when a solo paddle, with no others around is what you need to refresh the mind and body. And yet, other times we need to meet up with like minded paddlers to share the moments.




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Conservation Efforts


Globally and nationally we are all in this together; the fight to preserve fresh water and our access to clean safe water for recreation, industrial, and home use. There are efforts throughout the globe to clean up and preserve the vital supply of water.

Be a responsible steward of the World

There are many organizations to chose from when one is looking to invest time and or money in protecting the world's water supplies. You can get involved in projects that are very local to those that try to tackle the issue on a much larger scale. We at canoe Adventures just don't see how you can be a paddler and NOT want to be a part of keeping the water ways and water supplies open, clean and safe for uses of all kinds.

Here are some of the groups to look into:

1% For The Planet

American Rivers

American Trails

American White Water

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

International Rivers

National Water Quality Monitoring Council

River Network

Sierra Club National

Sierra Club - Texas Chapter

Texas River Protection

Upper Guadalupe River Authority

Western Rivers Conservancy

Books and other Recommended Resources

There are many authors active in getting the word out there about the great peril that our nature wonders currently face. As we move forward here at Canoe Adventures, links will be posted to help spread the word.

Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water

ThinkProgress - Climate Progress

Earth Times

Nature News

Pacific Institute

Rivers of California, Tim Palmer

Stockholm Environment Institute

FracDallas - information about the natural gas industry and the practice of well drilling known as Fracing.

Gasland - The official site about the movie Gasland by Josh Fox. An excellent expose on the perils of natural gas drilling in America.

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