Canoe Adventures

"Wherever there is a channel for water, there is a road for the canoe."   - Henry David Thoreau

There are times when a solo paddle, with no others around is what you need to refresh the mind and body. And yet, other times we need to meet up with like minded paddlers to share the moments.



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Every state and location has a set of outfitters, road conditions,land access or put-in requirements, and other requirements and conditions that make it unique. In order to help keep these resources some what organized, the map above will pull up states and their listings based or regions. The agencies below, however, work on a national basis and should also be looked at as places to start. Remember many of the lands that bodies of water exist with, are managed or owned by several different entities; both private and public.

USGS - Gauges

The gauges that provide the paddler with stream flows on an hourly or daily basis are available free to the end user. They are run in a cooperative manor with others that include businesses, state or local agencies known as the cooperator. The pages will also include links to get these flow rates sent to your cell phone or email address. The USGS gauges data pages list the agencies involved in overseeing the local body of water too. This can be very useful in finding whether there are planned releases that can effect your journey. The water watch page allows you to choose several different types of mapped information, very cool!

Recent cuts in funding have put many of the gauges on list to be discontinued. Texas had listed 63 gauges to be discontinued and in Iowa, 6 of 30 are threatened to be cut.

USCAE-US Corp of Army Engineers

The federal agency in charge of our many water ways. The corp oversees a fair number of the lakes that hold the waters back that create the flow we enjoy. Probably best known for it's management of Mississippi River levee system, the Corp oversee many projects throughout the US.


Bureau of Land Management

If you are unfamiliar with the other major land agency in the US, it's the BLM - Bureau of Land Management. They manage another large portion lands of the US. Many of your trips will also pass through lands managed by the BLM. The Wild And Scenic Rivers are a beautiful place to look for a great river trip.


US Forest Service

The US Forest Service provides excellent resources for the outdoor adventurer. Many of our nations rivers and lakes will be found on or near land the US Forest service has a relationship with. They have an excellent selection of maps that the canoeist in you would enjoy having to help with your trip. They also have a general map locator for an outdoor experience near you.


Other Organizations and Web Sites of General Outdoor Activites

American Canoe Association


Werner Paddles - outfitters

Smokey Mountains Resources

Wooden Canoe Heritage Association

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