Canoe Adventures

"For me, and for thousands with similar inclinations, the most important passion of life is the overpowering desire to escape periodically from the clutches of a mechanistic civilization. To us the enjoyment of solitude, complete independence, and the beauty of undefiled panoramas is absolutely essential to happiness." - Bob Marshall



There are times when a solo paddle, with no others around is what you need to refresh the mind and body. And yet, other times we need to meet up with like minded paddlers to share the moments.


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A Secure Camp

With several sections of rope, and some poles you can do some amazing things. Knowing how to use rope and tie knots can be the difference between eating and not, sleeping well and not sleeping at all or staying dry or getting soaking wet. Knots used for holding your gear in your canoe can also be used to hold you cloths up to dry and any other number of useful campsite activities. Strapping is also a convenient way to keep things together. It comes with double rings, cam straps, plastic buckles, and many attachments on the ends. These can make quick work out of securing you loads both in camp and on your canoe.



There are several good places to look for knots. I got my training in Boy Scouts. Sites like this one animated knot tying one from GROG are very good as well.


Not all rope is the same quality so when buying rope to use on your adventure trips, make sure that the quality matches your needs for flexibility and strength. When buying rope for use around water make sure that you get types that don't rot quickly like manila. A double braided nylon is a great choice for use around water. It is also a good thing to keep a little extra around in various length and diameters.


In the canoe and around camp tying down your stuff makes for a better adventure. you spend more time organized and less time getting that way. In addition to ropes and strapping the connections we make with them are important. Around camp, grommets and caribiners make great additions to keeping things together. Your tarps with grommets on them allow you to quickly, safely and securely turn them into a shady spot to set up your kitchen. They will occasionally fail in the field and a quick repair can make a big difference to your trip. Carininers give you strong quick and secure attachments to rope, tarps, and straps to give you added flexibility and speed with getting set up or when breaking down camp.

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