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Conservation and Environmental

We would not be paddling if we didn’t have some place to paddle. The fight to a clean environment starts with you. If you have a link to share that adds to the discussion please post it here. We’ll make sure it get on he main site as well.


Canoe Adventures Thanks You


20 Responses to Conservation and Environmental

  1. admin

    One of the most inspiring ads I saw growing up.

  2. admin

    Yes, World Water Day does exist. March 22. Get water wise.

  3. admin

    also read this….

  4. admin

    Why Tar Sands is a must to avoid….. Spread the word.

  5. admin

    This is a great example of be aware of what you take with you when you go exploring, camping canoeing. I want to stress that not everything is a good thing and not everything is intended. Wash those boats, when going from one body of water to another. Don’t let hangers on find new homes and mess up another water way. It is a bigger problem from outboard motor craft type boats, ships with bilge pumps that go miles and miles across open seas and oceans, but small craft too, like canoe and kayaks can pass things along. That dirt and muck might be a badge of courage but it can also harbor plants, eggs, etc that we don’t want to see spread.

  6. admin

    When it comes to water, water use, global climate change, etc, spinning facts becomes part of the process for the powers that want to take and use natural resources. Read this article and bring back the lost minds on energy use to a more even balanced world. Stop allowing gaslighting of our nations minds.

  7. admin

    What kind of impact can your thirst for bottled water have? Please check this out, and reconsider every purchase you make of it.

  8. admin

    More disturbing news of drought. This notice is for our friends in England, Scotland, Wales….

  9. admin

    Links to organizations involved in water issues in Texas.

  10. admin

    Is it really any surprise? Just because the factory is gone decades later, the soil in many places across the nation is tainted with high levels of processes that took place on the factory floors. Always ask the old locals what was around before.

  11. admin

    Dry Rivers in Tennessee will put a downer on the paddle folks there.

  12. admin

    plastic is everywhere and we need to do something about it.

  13. admin

    Keep your eyes open for this type of serious situation. Know your water ways.

  14. admin

    Find out what is going on with the TMDL process in north Texas.

  15. admin

    Don’t let the Colorado River die. This is a national treasure running from Colorado to (almost) the sea.

  16. admin

  17. admin

    Join the US Forest Service as they open up nature…

  18. admin

    Yosemite is a potential source for infection from hantavirus. be careful!

  19. Main Paddler

    What’s new and exciting in your paddle life?

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