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Why a paper map still makes sense

Posted by on September 2, 2013


We’ve heard about it happening all the time; over reliance on technology.  As part of any good plan into the wild of outdoors, you should do some planning that includes looking at maps. Sure you can have GPS coordinates but a paper map simply gives you signal without power. It’s always on with enough light to read it.  Yes, roads change, and time can make an area look a little different so look ahead before you leave the home base.


If you can, use a map program like Google Earth to take a look at where you are going first. Check out whether a local paper maps exist. Forest service maps provide guidance on the dirt roads in an area.  You might not need to file a flight plan, but you should let someone know where you plan to be and for how long.


Travel safe. You might even consider water proofing your maps. You can stop at retailers like REI and pick up a solution that helps make such things possible.



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